Bristol Acupuncture – Alison Lindsay

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Alison Lindsay runs acupuncture clinics in Bristol and Portishead. Choose the best of the best suction cup dildos. This site gives details of Alison’s acupuncture practice for current and potential patients. It also gives general information on acupuncture and health. Pepper paste substitute chili paste substitute.

about acupuncture About acupunctureBackground to acupuncture: What acupuncture is and how it works? inserting an acupuncture needle Conditions helped by acupunctureA list of common conditions for which acupuncture can provide symptomatic relief.
acupuncture treatment Acupuncture in practiceWhat to expect when having acupuncture. inserting an acupuncture needle FAQFrequently asked questions about acupuncture.
Do acupuncture needles hurt?
Is acupuncture safe?
Alison Lindsay BiographyAlison’s background and qualifications as well as details of her acupuncture clinics in Bristol and Portishead. oriental orchid ContactContact information and online contact form.